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History Of Pakistan Air Force. When on the 1979 Christmas eve the Soviet Union sent in its army and air force to invade Afghanistan, Pakistan felt duty bound to become a sympathetic host to eventually 5 million refugees. For demanding Soviet withdrawal and providing shelter and unwavering support to the Afghans, Pakistan earned the animosity of Moscow and became a frontline state overnight. The United States led a coalition of solidarity with the Afghan Mujahideen and Pakistan. The lightly armed Afghans fought courageously a difficult, bloody war against the regular Soviet forces, supported by hundreds of gunship helicopters and jet fighter bombers. These aircraft frequently violated Pakistan’s territory on the pretext of hitting the Mujahideen sanctuaries, killing many Pakistani civilians each time. The PAF’s F-16s (available from 1983 onward) played a key role in bolstering the Mujahideen’s morale and keeping the Soviet air power from crushing the resistance. which can be viewed online. View new online PAF listing of latest 2020 Pakistan Air Force Paf vacancies and upcoming Pakistan Air Force Paf jobs 2021. Choose best Pakistan Air Force Paf career opportunity as per your qualification and experience and make money from home or office. Join PAF Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, AJK by applying todays jobs Now.

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