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History of NTS. National Testing service is Pakistan’s pioneer testing service established in 2002. NTS conduct recruitment test of government and private departments. NTS also conduct educational tests for admission in various universities, TOEFL, TOEIC and test for scholarship programs. NTS ensures merit, transparency, and Fairness throughout its recruitment process.

Pakitip.com provides all information related to all jobs announced in the daily newspaper. You can search for jobs by newspaper, city, profession, and department by using our job search engine. At our job section, you can see the details of all the jobs in Pakistan. You can also search for government and private jobs separately. We give our visitor with complete job description and the deadline to apply for the job.NTS is the abbreviation of National Testing Service. National testing service in Pakistan is an association that manages the academic performance assessment test. NTS authority is just similar to the ETS (Educational testing service) in United States of America (USA). Basically NTS offers two types of educational tests; these are National aptitude test (NAT) and Graduate Assessment test (GAT).

NTS (National Testing Services) has started its working in 2002. Ever since, large numbers of govt and private institutes have been associated with NTS. Moreover, NTS is also important for conducting exams and for certified interview mainly for jobs in several departments. At education level, NTS conduct NAT test for admissions in colleges or universities while GAT test held for Postgraduate studies. NTS also offer various certifications and programs under its supervision.

NAT test is mainly conduct for the aspirants seeking for the admissions in best colleges and universities of Pakistan. GAT test is usually held for the students seeking admissions at Postgraduate level. NTS exams are moreover held to verify the qualifications of aspirants looking for their further studies in abroad.

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