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Live Wallpaper is free and customizable and this apps 2020

My name Live Wallpaper is free and customizable and this app can be used as an live wallpaper on both home and lock screens. You can choose different kinds of letters drawn in a different and original way with a spectacular and incredible effect on-screen. This animated wallpaper is compatible with any device or mobile phone

With this great application you can set your name, important notes, your favorite team’s name, reminders or any other message you want to have displayed on your screen and with a very low consumption of resources and very low battery use.

How to use (Instructions for use):

Change the text, name or names to be displayed by clicking on the top of the main screen (using the pencil icon at top) or in the preferences menu selecting “Edit the text to be displayed”.
Choose the preferred type of font quickly and easily by double clicking on the main screen or on the preferences menu in the “Select font” option.
You can select the live wallpaper from the preferences menu, having it displayed either on the home screen or both the home screen and the lock screen.

You can customize the application even more through the preferences menu:


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