Shut App Battery Saver ll New Way to improve Mobile Battery Life Up TO 300%

Super Battery – Battery Doctor is a simple and professional application to save battery. Global energy saving program with battery expansion, power analysis, power manager, smart charger, CPU cooler, private browser and junk mail cleanup.

Battery saving is mainly based on managin correctly that the processes that are using battery are really necessary and the truth is that quite a lot of the processes that are running in our mobile phone and that are constantly using the battery are not necessary at all.

In order to solve this proble, you can use apps like ShutApp – Real Battery Saver. This app will automatically and definitely close all the apps that are being executed in background. We say “definitely” as the apps that ShutApp – Real Battery Saver closes will not be automatically started anymore, but only in a manual way, when you open them.


Just by pressing ShutApp – Real Battery Saver you can save some minutes more of your battery life that could be really necessary to send a message or make a call, which is indisputably useful.

How to improve Mobile Battery Life | Android
When you enter energy-saving mode, ShutApp prevents applications and powerful settings from being emptied.  The IS screen is off and your daily work is not affected.  Using a smartphone is more efficient and fluid.  Experience

Increase Mobile Battery Life With Cpu Controler
ShutApp is a single-image application in which you have three parameters, one application is locked on stopping, twice blocked by the CPU, and the third is closed.  You can easily scroll through these settings.  That way, you do not have navigation or navigation for the entire application to simplify the application.  We will discuss these energy saving settings in detail.

How to improve 300% Battery Life ?

After setting this parameter to disable / close / press the applications and battery used in the action process in practice.  If you do not have an account in our apps yet, so register now!  This video was sent badly.  Please try again.

increase Battery Time With a Simply Battery Saver App;
If you do not have an a our account yet, so go & register now..  However, if you do not use your phone, you do not want these applications to unnecessarily drain the battery.  What is this provision to hide the battery to conceal these applications that make the battery.

Battery Life Backup App For Android
locking the CPU The processor runs continuously for Continuous and Android Brain updates for more demanding tasks such as computers, widget updates, and software updates.  This computer work requires many batteries.  This setting ensures that the processor uses the lowest possible frequency and achieves better battery saving and better performance.

Backup Battery Life Up to 200% in Android :
configuration of the lock Use a lot of battery like Bluetooth, WiFi, data connection and synchronization.  Use this setting to make sure your smartphone has more power.

In addition, ShutApp prevents your phone from warming up and freezing your device, making it easier and easier to use your smartphone.

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