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PM Imran Khan reached Turkey on a two-day visit

Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived at Turkey on a two-day visit with high level delegation, governor of the province and Deputy Mayor welcomed the Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Imran Khan reached Turkey on a two-day visit, where his Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, traders and Turkish investors will meet. Prime Minister Imran Khan Noor Khan departed from Iberis to Turkey and reached Turkey to Turkey, where high Turkish officials Prime Minister welcomed.
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Finance Minister Asad Umar, Minister for Planning Khusro Bakhtiyar, Advisor Trade Abdul Razaq Dad and Secretary Foreign Affairs, Taimina Jinnah, have also been accompanying the Prime Minister to Turkey.According to the Prime Minister’s visit to Turkey, Prime Minister Imran Khan visit will visit Maulana Romi and Ataturk Museum in Turkey. During the visit Imran Khan will address the business community and investors’ function in Ankara.
Imran Khan will perform Friday prayers in the Antalya Mosque Mosque, a formal reception ceremony will be held in Turkey’s presidency in the honor of Prime Minister.
After taking over the post of Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s first official visit to Turkey is before Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and China.

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