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CTD’s Korangi close associate of Rice Mama’s was arrested

The arrest of Rice Mama’s close associate in CTD’s Korangi was arrested

KARACHI: The Counterpartism Department in Korangi area of ​​Qayyad, while taking action, arrested the relative mama’s close associate.
During the operation, the CD arrested in the operation in Kargi area of ​​Karachi, arrested Muhammad Mulmala alias Lala, a close relative of Mama.
According to the statement, MSP Murtaza Bhutto said that a suspect belonging to a political party, in 2001, a unit of the Corps 74 Corps worker has been arrested.
According to the SP, the suspect, in 2001, said the chargeman of the accused, when the accused said, the accused, co-accused with the comrades, was killed by the citizen.
According to Murtaza Bhutto, the police was abducted in the murder case, the accused also acknowledged the party’s orders on the orders of the party.

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