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ابوظبی کے ولی عہد کی آمد پر فلائی پاسٹ کا مظاہرہ

Philip demonstrated on the arrival of Abu Dhabi’s pledge

Abu bin Abi’s pledge Mohammad bin Zaid Nahihan reached Prime Minister House, Prime Minister Imran Khan has brought the prime minister to drive his car to the guests.The Deputy Superintendent of the United Arab Emirates’s armed forces and the guardian of Abu Dhabi, reached the prime minister’s house, where he was offering peace to the JF-17 Thunder Valley.
Earlier, Abu Dhabi’s pledge had been presented by the Holy Aircraft’s Chakraborty guard and guarded the Honor, while Noor Bin Ayesis, Mohammad Bin Zaid Nahihan, was also given the greetings of 21 balls.Prime Minister Imran Khan reached Pakistan’s honorable guest Muhammad Bin Zaid by driving his own vehicle.

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