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Variations between Science and Technologies


Science and Technology Study is prospering interdisciplinary field that analyzes the creation, advancement and results of science and innovation in their social, chronicled, and social settings.

What is Science? The word science is fundamentally from Latin word “Scientia” which implies learning.

Give moves towards its definition which a chance to can be the learning or investigation of bodies, things question identifying with the collection of certainty and demonstrating the general law.

What is Technology? Innovation is the gathering of systems, abilities, techniques and procedures utilized as a part of the generation of products or administrations, for example, logical examination.

Presently we will give it combinable as Science and innovation.

With the progression of time the science and innovation turned into the need of hour .In each field of life science and innovation assume a prime part. In each field you will see the development of science and innovation. Science and innovation are fundamental for national advancement and advance.

There are diverse branches of science like Social Science ,Earth Science, Mathematical Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Biological Science and so on. To manage the science we require the innovation First.

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